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By James Guthrie

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Tanzanites unique position in the gemstone kingdom, that once this stone is mined out , those fortunate enough to own a top grade stone will indeed be in the enviable position of holding a treasure worthy of heirloom status.

Tanzanites are an extraordinary gemstone – one of the world’s rarest precious gems, they are both lesser known and deeply loved by those in the know. There is only one source in the world for Tanzanite, that being Tanzania. The supply of Tanzanite stones is also becoming increasingly depleted, if not extinct.

Tanzanite’s are cut into various shapes, however the round brilliant cut gives the deepest colour saturation and scintillation, the stone having prismatic qualities.

At Guthries Jewellers we source our clients exquisite Tanzanites direct from the mines, giving you the opportunity to acquire a stone specific to your desired requirements at a distinct advantage.

How to set this precious gemstone

Many of the Tanzanites we source are of a significant size and of an exceptional beauty – this lends itself to a bold design that focuses on simplicity, the more simple the design the more the centre stone will stand out such as the ones below.

In a cushion cut we love draping Tanzanites with diamonds. The design below uses baguette cut diamonds to achieve this look but we could also use multiple layers of small round diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, or a mixture of both.

About the Author

James, a third generation member of the jewellery industry spent a huge amount of time around the industry from a young age. With a passion for beautiful diamonds and gemstones and an eye for quality design.

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