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By James Guthrie

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Remodelling Antique Jewellery

We bet you have an item of unworn jewellery that could be turned into something exceptional.

You may not realise the value you have in unworn or tired jewellery. The great thing about gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones is that they can be completely re-used in creating a brand new item that you love. What’s more as you already have many of the components this comes at a much lower premium than a new piece.

Of course there is a lot of sentimental value in one’s jewellery collection. Along with re using your gold and diamonds we love to pay homage to the original design, and rework this cleverly into a modern masterpiece. 

Fortunately vintage jewellery is definitely in and many items made one hundred years ago have a lot of design credibility today, with a few small adjustments we can turn many rings into something extraordinary. Below is some examples of jewellery in the style of some of our favourite times.


Art Deco

One such style is definitely Art Deco. Art Deco was a time of optimism – created by changes happening with the machine age and the many people looking to create a new life in cities.


An Art Deco Design By Boucheron circa 1932


Strictly speaking Art Deco used straight lines – creating designs that look graphic designed, or machined however as with any style this is more a guide than a rule, the above brooch for example uses negative space to create the spiral / fan effect – another popular motif for Art Deco designers. – Read more about Art Deco Jewellery here.


Art Nouveau

Less known is Art Nouveau – similar to art deco however with more fluid shapes – where art deco was all about the straight lines inspired by the coming of the machine age art nouveau was a throwback to natural shapes. – Read more about Art Nouveau here.

Art Nouveau Iris Pendant


Belle Epoque

Another fantastic style is Belle Epoque – made popular in jewellery by french jewellery house Cartier around the time of the turn of the century. Belle Epoque was a period characterised by optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity.

A Belle Epoque Ring circa 1917

Belle Epoque was similar to Art Nouveau in the natural, flowing lines, however less strict on the nature motif. Also similar to these two styles was the Arts & Crafts movement – Read more about Belle Epoque here.


Mid Century / Modernist

More closer to today but an equally interest trend is Mid Century or Modernist jewellery. Mid century modernism was a philosophical movement that arose from the drastic changes happening in the 20th century – Read more about Mid Century / Modernist jewellery here.

Tiffany & Co. Retro Yellow Gold Fluted “Fan” Earclips.

About the Author

James, a third generation member of the jewellery industry spent a huge amount of time around the industry from a young age. With a passion for beautiful diamonds and gemstones and an eye for quality design.

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