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By James Guthrie

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In Honour of Family

Family Heritage – more than possession; it’s about precious memories.

We were approached by our client with a brief to create a special item of jewellery, worthy of the journey the Rubies had encountered,  which had been passed down two generations. They encapsulated the family’s rather extraordinary journey which started out in England .

Catherine’s grandparents were born in England in the 1930’s, some years later her Grandfather’s military career took them both to India.  During the time of India’s departure from the Commonwealth, and from English rule to self rule.  It was a turbulent time that started an exceptional turn of events, of which the Rubies were an integral part of. 

When fleeing their home, very little was retrieved.  Treasures where left behind. All but what could be carried – The Rubies amongst other small portable treasures were carried to freedom.

The balance were buried in the garden for safe keeping, should they ever be able to return.

Jewellery isn’t just about adornment, is about family legacy.  It’s often based on honouring those they came before us and sometimes the difficult journeys they encountered for the survival of family and loved ones.

The Rubies bestowed on Catherine and passed down from Grandmother to mother, to Daughter; tell of a story of love, sacrifice, disaster and triumph.

Catherine wanted to honour her Grandparents and her parents for their gift of the Rubies and the sacrifices made for family.

Guthrie’s were entrusted to create a fine piece of jewellery to continue the legacy – their family story – something not just for adornment but a treasure and a  keepsake, 

To pass on to the next generation.

About the Author

James, a third generation member of the jewellery industry spent a huge amount of time around the industry from a young age. With a passion for beautiful diamonds and gemstones and an eye for quality design.

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