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Guthrie’s has unparalleled access to the global diamond and gemstone market, this not only mean’s we have access to the most rare and beautiful pieces, but we are better value money for you.

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Diamond Shape

The first thing we recommend is for you to find out what shape of diamond or precious gemstone your partner would like. The shape of the diamond or gemstone is key to the look of the finished ring.

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Carat Size

All diamonds and gemstones are bought and sold in a measurement known as carats. One carat is simply one fifth of a gram. Both diamonds and gemstones escalate in value quickly as the carat weight increases due to the rarity of finding such a large piece of natural material.

For this reason a 2.00 carat diamond is more than twice the price as a 1.00 carat diamond, this can also work in your favour - reducing the weight from 1.00 carats to 0.98 carats instead can make your budget go further. Most of our clients choose a diamond between 0.50 carats, and 2.00 carats, however we also excel at sourcing large and rare diamonds.

Learn About the 4 C's

What about the other 3 C's

In every diamond quote we include a price for diamonds coloured G, F, we only put forward diamonds free from visible inclusions or blemishes and most important we only put forward the most well cut diamonds, as this is the most crucial of the 4 c's to the diamonds overal look.

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