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Sapphires are the birth stone for September. Loved by the Persians who thought the heavens where a reflection of their hue.

The birth stone for September, Sapphires where loved by the Persians who thought the heavens where a reflection of their hue. Sapphires however also come in a variety of colours.  A pink Sapphire makes a beautiful alternative of a pink diamond.

This gemstone was the chosen centre stone for Princess Diana and Princess Kate Middleton engagement rings, being almost as durable as a diamond.  Sapphires belong to the same gem family of Corundum, the same family as Rubies, and these two gemstones sometimes referred to brother and sister stones in the gem kingdom.



These gemstones make into beautiful jewellery of any type, however are most commonly used in rings and pendants. The most desirable are in a vivid, medium blue however come in a range of hues – from sky blue, to almost black. Surrounded by a row of diamonds sapphires look absolutely stunning in both yellow and white gold.

What’s more, Sapphires have a hardness of 9/10, meaning they are extremely durable gemstones, and will last the test of time, of course hardness does not translate perfectly to durability, and there is still a risk of chipping your gemstone if your not careful, however that extra hardness does help. For this reason we often create engagement rings in Sapphire, as per Princess Diana’s above.

We have created many item’s of jewellery in sapphire, both in engagement rings and special occasion pieces, and would be delighted to help you with your new acquisition, if you are in the market for an exciting new piece do not hesitate to get in touch – advice is always free – contact us here.

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Being a third generation member of the New Zealand jewellery industry James' has grown up around diamonds and other gemstones, and the craft of fabricating fine jewellery.

James is a Director at Guthrie's Jewellers and is the lead designer.

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