By James Guthrie

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The rock star in the gem world, Ruby is a precious stone that conjures thoughts of passion and love. Rubies are the traditional Cardinal gem stone, along with Sapphires, Emeralds and Diamonds.

Adored for their intensity of colour, this rare gemstone is found in pinkish red through to what is known as “Pigeon’s blood” red.  They are the birthstone for the month of July and are also the chosen precious stone to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary.  

The Ruby is also members of the Corundum gem family along with Sapphires and  commands the highest price per carat of any coloured gemstone.  Chromium is the trace element that gives the ruby is blood red hue. Having a score of 9 on the Mohs scale, they are also a durable gemstone along with the Diamond and Sapphire, that makes them a treasured gem for special occasion fine jewellery.

About the Author

Being a third generation member of the New Zealand jewellery industry James' has grown up around diamonds and other gemstones, and the craft of fabricating fine jewellery.

James is a Director at Guthrie's Jewellers and is the lead designer.

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