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How to Create an Art Deco Inspired Piece of Jewellery

Approaching its centenary, the appeal of art deco jewellery still draws favour in lovers of fine jewellery.

Art Deco is a term that describes a style of design that emerged in 1925 after the world’s fair in Paris, and there is something enduringly chic about the geometric lines and lavish ornamentation of this style, recognisable by its geometric shapes and symmetrical designs – Designers did this with the intention to emphasise the look of machine use in creating the items.

Designers in Art Deco wanted to emphasise the use of what at the time was modern technology. This advancement had a great impact on the way we lived our lives, and inspired designers in a way not seen before.


Amazing patterns, like fans or plans often cut out or to use negative space. This was oppose to traditional sticking on or embellishing that the previous styles used.


In Deco square edges where a break away from the natural flowing lines of Art Nouveau.


This style embraced by the Cafe’ Society, an independent and free spirited women, is very sought after by like minded independent women of today. This era symbolises a sense of liberation in design that transcends through the entire spectrum of jewellery, clothing, and architecture and interior design.


Clip on earrings and brooches became popular, this is because of their wearability and lack of fuss compared with the traditional adornment.


In the first half of the era modern designs used big and bold flashes of colour, representative of the optimism brought by the new found wealth of many with the establishment of the industrial revolution. The second half of the period designs kept with the austere black and white theme loved in this time – using either onyx with white gold and platinum, or minimal diamond and platinum.


Big bold coloured gemstones typical with the early half of Art Deco


Technological advancement always brings forth inspiration, the early adopters of any generation embrace this, make it their own. We love to work with our clients in sourcing gems, designing bespoke jewellery that pay homage to the early adopters of that era.

About the Author

Being a third generation member of the New Zealand jewellery industry James' has grown up around diamonds and other gemstones, and the craft of fabricating fine jewellery.

James is a Director at Guthrie's Jewellers and is the lead designer.

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