Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

By James Guthrie

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Our Top Five Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

The Designers at Guthrie’s pick their top five Engagement Ring Trends for 2018 to help you give your Engagement Ring a great point of difference.



Oval’s are a fantastic choice of diamond – Oval diamonds are another one of 2018’s engagement ring trends we can’t go past. Oval’s have all of the benefits of a round diamond, such as a being the largest diamond per carat size (a 1.00 carat diamond looks visibly larger than a 1.00 carat emerald) and with as many facets they sparkle a lot.

Oval’s however a slight break away from the same old and depending on how they are set can have both a vintage and contemporary look. – Browse our collection here.


Rubover Settings

A rubover setting, also known as a bezel setting is achieved by creating a fine lip of gold or platinum that totally encompasses the gemstone just above its widest point. Once finished the stone is surrounded by metal – similar to a halo design.

A rubover setting is one of those great engagement ring trends to add a subtle, but contemporary edge. Interestingly this style dates back centuries, however it has had more popularity during the mid century years (1950 – 1970), and again in the 1990s.

Rubover Settings have also got a great advantage in that they will make your diamond or gemstone look bigger, and keep it more secure.


Guthrie's Rubover Setting - Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

An Engagement Ring made by Guthrie’s – Circa 1990. More Details here.


Emerald Rings

An emerald may not be an obvious choice as an engagement ring trend, however in times gone by it was all the rage. The most famous emerald engagement ring of all would definitely be Jackie Kennedy’s Emerald Cut Diamond and Emerald Ring.

One thing that we must point out however – while high on the mohs scale (scale of gem hardness) emeralds have a natural grain that runs through them. For this reason special care must be taken to protect the gemstone in the form of added gold.

Emerald Rings - Engagement Ring Trends for 2018


Pink Sapphire Rings

Pink sapphire and Morganite (a peach or a pink aquamarine) engagement rings continue to raise in popularity. The value for money when buying one of these stones is phenomenal compared to a diamond – allowing your budget to go much further.

At Guthrie’s we have a fantastic supplier of peach and pink sapphire’s and morganites and have made many of these rings as pictured below. Emerald’s are just one of the many gemstones we can source for you. Learn more about our gemstones here.

Engagement Ring Trends - Pink Sapphire Rings



One of those engagement ring trends, with a bit of a twist – literally. Twists and plaits made from precious metals are a great way to add a point of interest to your design. The correct term for this is actually called filigree work and it comes in many forms. This is just one of the many options you have when you have your ring custom made with Guthrie’s. Learn About Custom Made Here

Engagement Ring Trends - Twists

About the Author

Being a third generation member of the New Zealand jewellery industry James' has grown up around diamonds and other gemstones, and the craft of fabricating fine jewellery.

James is a Director at Guthrie's Jewellers and is the lead designer.

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