Diamond FAQ

  • How Much Does a Diamond Cost?

    The cost of a diamond is determined by two things - quality and size, the actual cost of a diamond varies significantly depending on these two things, what’s important is picking a diamond that is of a sufficiently high quality and then optimising to size. If you would like to get a quote for a diamond please fill out our form here.

  • What Makes a Quality of a Diamond?

    The quality of a diamond is determined by three of the 4c’s - Clarity, Colour & Cut. In a round brilliant we consider a quality diamond to be of a clarity grade SI1 and above, Colour D - G and of triple excellent cut. In a princess or emerald cut there is less facets or angles, so a small mark is significantly more visible, thus we consider a VS1 or VS2 diamond to be of good quality.

    If you would like to learn more about diamond quality please click here.

  • What Are my Options for Diamond Shape?

    Guthrie’s can supply diamonds in many different types of shapes, while round brilliant is the most common of diamond shapes there are many beautiful diamonds cut into the other shapes. The most common other shapes are a Princess Cut (a square diamond), and Emerald or Radiant Cut (rectangular or square with the corners tapered), an Oval Cut, a Marquise Cut (elliptical shape) and a Pear Cut.

  • Where is the Best Value for Money?

    After you have optimised the 4 C’s between quality and size, there are a few more tips and tricks to optimising your value for money. Diamond pricing is based on demand, as most diamonds asked for are round brilliant these diamonds come at a premium. Along with the added demand for round brilliant diamonds these diamonds produce the most off cuts when they are being cut from a rough stone to a finished diamond, therefore increasing the cost.

    Diamond pricing also works in steps, and the larger the diamond the higher the price per carat - for example a 2 carat diamond is much more than twice the price than a 1 carat diamond. This can work in the consumer's favour however as a 90pt diamond is significantly less than a 1 carat diamond even though the total weight is only 10% less, and in appearance is only a fraction smaller.

  • Where do Your Diamonds Come From?

    Guthrie’s sources many diamonds from all around the world - most of our diamonds are sourced out of New York, as this is the place for the best and most premium diamonds. Nearly all diamonds are originally mined in Africa, before being cut, most often in India.

    Guthrie’s only supplies GIA certified diamonds who have very strict standards on ethical sourcing. GIA ensures that the diamonds are bought at a fair price, and does their utmost to see the profits from these diamonds helping the local communities where the diamonds are sourced.

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