Our Story

Guthrie’s Jewellers from 1967 through to today.

From small beginnings in 1967, Guthrie’s was established to provide an alternative to the main street jeweller.   Our clients readily embraced the opportunity to have a hand made piece of jewellery tailored to their requirements, giving them a unique item of jewellery.

The jewellery industry was far less sophisticated than it is today.  With the influence of the internet, the average Kiwi is now able to feel part of the bigger international picture.

Guthrie’s have embraced technological advances over the years in the industry, and we offer a very tailored solution, utilising  advanced production methods such as CAD design to give our clients a visual of the intended piece before our jeweller commences work in precious metal.  

Over this long standing presence in the industry,Guthrie’s have established many international contacts with precious gem and diamond suppliers which gives our clients access to the world’s best offer.

Guthrie’s Jewellers continue the tradition crafted over 50 years, delighting our clients with high quality unique pieces of fine jewellery.